Thursday, 28 July 2011

I need to climb more

My mum bought me a second hand book; "The New Encylopedia of Knots". Written by Derek E. Avery in 1988, it's a 1998 reprint. One useful knot found in there was the French bowline, basically a bowline with two loops. After that, I spent a while this evening trying to remember how to tie a double loop figure 8. I've made it now, and I'm thinking about what other handy S.P.A. things I've forgotten. The reason being that past few times I've been climbing, I've been out with people from work. I had 7 folk out top roping it up at craigmore last week, putting my S.P.A. skills to the test. I never got round to doing to S.P.A. assessment, and my two year time window is just about up.

Yesterday, I had a top evening on the Cobbler, where it was NOT windy. We did incubator into Wither Wether. And we ran back to the car on the backside of the hill. Evening climbing is so nice, and runnning down the hill in the gloaming reminded me of evening sessions at Ceuse.

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Mark McGowan said...

The Cobbler is great...a real inspiration for getting back into climbing Mike.